3 (not very usual) reasons why Rovaniemi is a superb city for Dash Lapland

What’s the secret recipe for innovation? To many of us the ideas are born “on-the-go” when we spend time somewhere else than behind our desk at workplace. This change of scenery will break and disturb the normal. That’s exactly, the first reason Rovaniemi suits well for Dash Lapland. Rovaniemi is Finland’s northernmost  province and to be honest, on a world scale, it is a small city in the middle of Lapland.

What if you would do things differently this April? What would be a better way to boost your creativity than spending a weekend in a capital of Lapland. Where northern lights, wild life, cold winter nights are near you and innovative and passionate people around you.

Did you know that the Rovaniemi is the largest city in European Union? Hell yeah it's true. Not by population but the size of land area. There’s plenty of room for your ideas to grow. The second reason for Rovaniemi to be perfect place for Dash Lapland. Rovaniemi gives you the freedom, not only, to see differently but also to think. If there is anything Lapland has been known worldwide it is the space. Take that freedom of space and use it as a canvas for the idea generation.

One might think Rovaniemi that far away place, why in the heck organise something in there, instead more south? Rovaniemi has much more to offer than it first would seem: did you know that Lapin yliopisto, located in Rovaniemi, offer state-of-the-art facilities for its students interested on service design.  For instance, Sinco-lab, in Lapin yliopisto, is a space dedicated for testing and finding out the touchpoints for customer journey. These facilities are the third reason. But the true potential lies in the people doing the work. In the end, a building is only a empty shelf without the people in it. These amazing facilities combined with this unused potential, the question is, how could we organise it anywhere else?