Mark your calendars!

One challenge, one group, one weekend and one solution.
Dash Lapland combines real working life problems and finds motivated people who develop solutions which solve problems or can be innovations nobody has thought of before.

Hi there! There’s one risk if you continue reading. You might get inspired. Actually, I want to ask you when was the last time you got inspired like 1110%? I want to tell you about Dash Lapland, what the heck it is and why we are organizing Europe’s biggest design hackathon in Rovaniemi, Lapland. Are you ready to get inspired?

Dash Lapland finds interesting challenges from different fields of work, seeks motivated people and puts them in multidisciplinary teams, equips teams with design tools and gathers them in Rovaniemi. The team receives the challenge and for two weeks, drills into the problem and creates an understanding of the problems and the context. All this culminates 12.-14.4.2019 in Rovaniemi when the team gathers together for a weekend full of creative, fun and inspiring action to build up a solution which can be a service prototype or even a strategic innovation. This intensive weekend is what we call design hackathon. It combines creative people from different fields and design in order to create solutions which can be a start of something big in your life!

If you want to learn about design tools, challenge your creativity, network with companies and find like-minded people, we want to invite you to Dash Lapland. Everything happens in Rovaniemi, deep in the Arctic Circle where the wildness and mystique come to life in nature and creativity. Established by Aaltoes, DASH the design hackathon has been Europe’s biggest design hackathon since 2017. Now DASH leaves the capital area and gathers together the brave of the north. If this is something you are stoked about, stay tuned and mark those days!