In Dash you will participate to a thrilling three-day design competition and learn about user-centricity. Participants will compete against each other in teams of 5-6. We have 6 real life challenges set by real life companies and the teams attempt to come up with new, innovative solutions to them. The best solutions will be awarded at the end of Dash Lapland.

The goal is for you to become a better and more efficient problem solver!


During the Main Event the teams will work together to come up with a solution to the problem set by their company. We will also do fun stuff during the weekend and you’ll get to hear interesting keynote speakers to get you going! Finally on Sunday we are awarding the best ideas. To help the ideation process we have professional mentors to help you.


Participating in Dash Lapland’s is FREE!

We can offer 50 € in travel support for dashers travelling to Rovaniemi from abroad. You can get to Rovaniemi easily by airplane, train or bus from anywhere around the world!

We also have a deal with Santa Claus Hotel Rudolf whichc has rooms for our participants for the hackathon weekend with the following special price:

1 person room 49€/per night

2 person room 59€/per night

3 person room 75€/per night

This offer stands as long as there are rooms available. The hotel room offer is available for all dashers, no matter where you travel from. To get the special price just mention that you are participating in Dash Lapland.

Breakfast in Hotel Santa Claus 11,50€/per mealcheck. Participants can book rooms by phone: 016 321 3227 or by email: rovaniemi@santashotels.fi. When you make your reservation be sure to mention Dash Lapland for the discount!

Remember also to join Shared accommodation & transportation for Dash Lapland 2019 group in Facebook - there you can arrange transportation and accomodation to Rovaniemi together with your fellow Dashers!


i haven’t received any email from dash by now. what do i do?

All of our participants should have already received the following info: Whether they were accepted or not, which team they are competing in, which challenge they are competing in, the Main-Event schedule and some small info mails. If you did send an application to Dash Lapland and still haven’t heard from us, do the following:

  1. Check your mailbox carefully! If you have multiple email addresses make sure to check the one you put to your application. See if any of our emails can be found in the junk mail folder. In some cases our email has apparently been hidden there.

  2. If you have looked through your email carefully and still can’t find anything, send us an email at info@dashlapland.com

Can I still be a part of Dash lapland if i wasn’t chosen as a participant?

Do you still want to do your best, be a part of and support an amazing Dash Lapland experience? Send an e-mail to info@dashlapland.com - we will let you know where your help is most useful.

Volunteers get a lot in return from their contribution - be it experience, contacts or lifetime friendships!

What do I need to take with me to the main event?

If you have a laptop or an ipad take it with you! You can also take with you a notebook and maybe couple of your favorite pencils. Dash Lapland will offer some light prototyping materials like regular paper, post-its, pens, and such.

In addition to these just make sure to check the weather forecast and pack some weather appropriate clothing!

What is the working language in the main event?

Working language is mostly English.


Dash Lapland’s partners (the companies that came to us with their challenges) have the primary rights to the team’s ideas both during and after the competition. After Dash Lapland ends the copyrights for the final solutions will automatically be handed to the companies. The companies and the teams can negotiate about the possibilities of developing the idea further together and make their own contracts concerning the joint development.

After the competition ends the company will have three (3) months to either start developing the idea further or put it into practice. If during those three months the company shows no interest to do so, the copyrights are returned to the team that came up with the idea. The team can then decide together what they wish to do with the idea and are free to use it.

What If I missed the Pre-Event?

Don´t worry! You can watch the live stream recording we took. At least watching when your challenge and company is presented is highly recommended. In the recording’s description we have added links so that you can easily navigate to those parts of the video you wish to see.

Link for the live stream recording: https://youtu.be/_fih87VpAao

What about the travel costs?

Dash Lapland offers participants coming from abroad a travel grant of 50€

  1. Provide us a copy of your ticket

  2. Keep the receipt of the payment from the internet bank

    - Open the bank statement

    - Go to the payment transactions

    - Open the printable version of the proof of payment

    - Download as a PDF file (for example save as a PDF file or use Print to PDF action)

    - Save the PDF and print it. Take it with you to the event just in case.

  3. Then provide us with required additional information for the travel grant mentioned below:

    a) Account number

    b) Name of the receiver (the same name stated in the bank account owners information)

    c) Address, street address, ZIP code/postal code, city, country

    d) BIC - code or clearing code

    e) Name of the back the receiver uses - in official english form

    f) Bank address, office address, city, country

    g) Currency of the transaction and ISO code - for example USD, EUR or other

Send all the documents and any questions to info@dashlapland.com - we will contact you if we need any additional information.